The audiovisual performance of Hans Timmermans (video and sound design) and Jeroen van Vliet (piano) focuses on the interaction between the piano and the computer-generated visuals. Hans Timmermans designed the interaction between visuals and sound: pianist Jeroen van Vliet responds to computer-generated visuals. In turn, the visuals are influenced by the sounds of the piano.

This way, the images, the soundtracks and the piano create a wonderful universe that naturally draws in the viewer / listener.


The music of pianist Jeroen van Vliet, winner of the Buma Boy Edgar-award 2014, is personal and expressive. Both in smaller and larger ensembles (MOON TRIO, Ogu, duo Mete Erker, Zeeland Suite Revisited) he generates music of great intensity and intimacy;  the interaction with his fellow- musicians is palpable.

He works in the groups of Eric Vloeimans (Gatecrash, Levanter), Simin Tander, and with Estafest!, a band with Anton Goudsmit, Oene van Geel and Mete Erker. Up to date he released 12 albums, including the widely acclaimed piano-solo-album 'Wait'.

He contributed to another 60 albums. 

 The last couple of years he toured all over the world, and currently he is setting up a variety of duo’s and trio’s with whom he’s recording. 

hans Timmermans

Budha Building is the brainchild of talented artist Hans Timmermans - a visionary creative who has spent the last 25 years creating edgy and diverse music with a truly unique feel. His sound is surprisingly diverse and incredibly appealing, combining powerful western influences with innovative electronic sounds and ethnic music, reflecting the artist’s international background.

Throughout the span of his eclectic career, Budha Building has been performing internationally, developing a unique approach to ethno/ambient electronic music with a truly personable feel. Hans has a very “visual” modus operandi, leading to a very cinematic tones that might remind listeners of some exciting and diverse soundtrack work. The music is purely instrumental, with a very relaxing vibe. While his recordings are often considered lush and detailed, his live shows are more unpredictable and exciting, often greatly engaging the crowd, highlighting the key interactions between the musicians on stage and the audience on the floor.