This CD is a product of a collaboration between two successful musicians: Hans Timmermans and Dhroeh Nankoe.

Their years of musical acquaintance and companionship gave birth to this musical-crossover between Indian classical music and western electronic music.

Hans Timmermans is specialized in composing electronic music which blends perfectly with the Indian compositions composed through Dhroeh Nankoe, singer and composer.

Besides studio recordings, they also performed few live tracks together at the Mundial Festival in Tilburg (Holland). Hans Timmermans plays electronic on stage, harmonised his electrical vibes with the melody of Dhroeh Nankoe. The audience seemingly enchanted by their performance, clamoured for their cd.

Thereafter Nankoe and Timmermans walked to their studios to create their own musical blend. Their creation is a treat to anyone who loves inspiring sounds from India in combination with modern western beats and melody..