Budha Building is the brainchild of talented artist Hans Timmermans - a visionary creative who has spent the last 25 years creating edgy and diverse music with a truly unique feel. His sound is surprisingly diverse and incredibly appealing, combining powerful western influences with innovative electronic sounds and ethnic music, reflecting the artist’s international background.

Although based in Tilburg, The Netherlands, Hans was searching for his identity, and discovered he his ties to Indonesian heritage, which really allowed him to experiment with a peculiar combination of eastern influences and western music production values and aesthetics.

Throughout the span of his eclectic career, Budha Building has been performing internationally, developing a unique approach to ethno/ambient electronic music with a truly personable feel. Hans has a very “visual” modus operandi, leading to a very cinematic tones that might remind listeners of some exciting and diverse soundtrack work. The music is purely instrumental, with a very relaxing vibe. While his recordings are often considered lush and detailed, his live shows are more unpredictable and exciting, often greatly engaging the crowd, highlighting the key interactions between the musicians on stage and the audience on the floor.

Recently, Budha Building set out to release a brand new album titled “Purpose”, which marks a significant step forward in the artist’s unique creative path. The textural and ambiance-filled sound of this project echoes the work of influential composers and performers the likes of Riuychi Sakamoto, Alva Noto, Yann Tiersen or Amon Tobin, just to mention but a few. Between sparse melodies and stunning sonic landscapes, Budha Building is all about creating music that feels engaging and multi-dimensional.